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A far eastern Campaign Setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Companion and sequel to Phaeselis: the City of Psionics.

It is the land of the seven rivers.

It is the land of mystery, magic, and religion.

It is the land of the Middle Kingdom.

Beyond the ranges of Alexander's Empire, beyond Alexandria Eschate and the ranges of the Sakka people, and the other peoples, is a land called the Middle Kingdom.  The land of the Middle Kingdom is a land that is the center of trade, culture, and knowledge in all of the Far East.  It is a land in turmoil, where the power of the Emperor is weakened in the face of Feudalistic overlords that squabble over land and resources, as to who is the true Emperor.  A people under weak leadership, a land riven, but a land in which all Chaos shapes its future.  It is the Spring and Autumn Period of the Middle Kingdom.  It is a land now revealed to the people of the Alexandrian Empire, and now revealed to you, the players.

Qin'ae Includes

This campaign setting is Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible.

This is a complete campaign setting for the PATHFINDER game, designed strictly around the Core System.  In this wiki you will get: 
  • An Introduction to the lands of Qin'ae, the mysterious Middle Kingdom.
  • A Player's Guide to the Middle Kingdom.
  • A Gazetteer to the Middle Kingdom and the Far East.
  • A guide to living in the Middle Kingdom.
  • A guide to running Far Eastern campaigns.
  • A guide to what is under the waves.
  • References
  • Adapting the Setting to other game systems.

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